Start a New Career in Real Estate

Have you ever thought about becoming a licensed real estate agent? Working with buyers and sellers can be a great way to enjoy a flexible career that lets you set your own work schedule. You can choose to work in a particular area, or you can specialize in a specific type of property.

Real Estate Careers

One of the most common real estate careers is the real estate agent. This individual is a licensed professional who represents the buyer, seller or sometimes, both parties, in a real estate transaction. The real estate salesperson will typically list properties for sale, marketing them to prospective buyers for the homeowner; however, real estate agents also work with buyers to help them find a property that meets their specific requirements.

Of course, there are many other careers in the field of real estate. For example, real estate brokers are licensed to operate the realestate office where individual agents work. A broker can also act as a real estate salesperson. There are also licensed property managers that can work as an intermediary between a property owner and their tenants. Licensed property managers can take care of all aspects of a property, from long-range planning for major renovations to advertising for tenants, and collecting rental payments.

Get the Required Training for Your Career 

Whether you want to work as a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, a real estate broker, or a property manager, you’re going to need to get the training necessary to become licensed in the state of Nevada. A company, such as Key Realty School, can offer the courses you need, both online or in class as well as through a home study courses.

Depending on the specific career you have chosen, your training will vary. For example, a real estate agent will need to complete a 90-hour pre-licensing course before they are able to take the Nevada licensing exam for real estate agents. A real estate broker is also required to complete 90 hours of course work as well as 15 college credits of course work in economics, business, management, or have experience as a licensed agent.

If your preferred field is as a property manager, you’ll first need to get your real estate salesperson license. After you’ve received this license, you’ll need to complete 24 hours of property manager pre-licensing education, then pass the property manager exam.

Continuing Education

In addition to the required education for each of the real estate professions, continuing education is also required to maintain your license. A reputable Nevada real estate school can offer the classes you need for licensing as well as for your continuing education.

A career in real estate can be very rewarding. You’ll need to invest a little time in learning about the laws that pertain to this career; however, if you’re committed to studying hard, it won’t take long to get your real estate license so you can start your new career.