Some Excellent Molding Ideas for Living Room Decoration

Your bedroom is your private den but the living room is a family place. It’s a gathering spot for the family members and the guests too. So, it makes sense if you think of something unique for improving the room’s décor. Architectural details such as crown moldings and trimwork are excellent choices since these are available in various styles and have a versatile quality.

Let’s explore some beautiful molding and trim ideas for your living room.































  • Add classiness with picture-frame wainscoting
  • Use the empty ceiling
  • Utilize the charm of crown molding

Decorating the living room with such a wainscoting fixture, also known as wall frames, adds much more style than you can think of. These look so simple yet the sleek frames have a magical appeal to appear compatible with many classic and contemporary architectural styles. Also, these are more wallet-friendly than any types of wood paneling features.

Wall frames are sleeker and narrower than picture-rail and chair-rail moldings. Such a no-frills silhouette looks good with a broad variety of décor schemes and warrants minimum installation headaches.

 The ceiling is a huge platform that often remains blank and lifeless. Fortunately, there is ceiling molding too that can fill up that bare space and uplift the look of the entire room. You can bring it in the form of a traditional coffered ceiling. Its boxlike structure appears functional and creates a decorative appeal at the same time. You can also install molding panels on the ceiling in various shapes and patterns. Such fixings are more labor-intensive than expensive, so you can get the decoration at an affordable price.

 Faux crown mouldings that runs along the juncture of the wall and ceiling of a room is a surefire way to add interest to the interior design. The modern versions feature crisp lines and fascinating detail. Besides, there are a variety of profiles too, which, in combination with the right design, accurate cuts, and the perfect installation produce a high-quality effect. You can even combine several types to create a compound impact.

One or two accessories mimicking the profile of the moldings will increase the overall aesthetic of the room. For example, you can customize the draperies with the trimwork on the edge.





















  • Choose low-key moldings for a minimalist appeal
  • Scale down the an out of scale space

The availability of moldings in countless sizes and designs can be overwhelming. If you are not careful, it’s easy to go overboard. So, the best option to go with is using modest treatments. The understated decoration goes well with other décor schemes and can also stand on its own if left alone. You can easily pair up plain trimwork with simple accessories and furnishings.

 Does your living room feature an industrial style decoration? Well, such a space with a high ceiling, exposed metal and brick structures, metal accessories, and the overall rustic spirit can feel overbearing. Well, trimwork or molding is a great option to scale down that expansiveness. You can get the same effect by installing an additional work or a tray ceiling but the cost will be exorbitant. Use moldings to frame around the windows, bring draperies, hang artwork, and place a couple of seating options to make the place look more intimate.  











  • Bring the outdoors inside with a lattice framework

 A lattice structure always reminds of a traditional wooden fence. You can give the living room an outdoorsy feeling with a lattice wainscoting feature. Install it on the wall, ceiling, or a large piece of furniture and enjoy the garden flavor inside of your home.

Don’t use the readymade lattices for they are rough and look crude for your polished interior. Use custom-made ones for an easy installation and refined look.

While planning for the living room decoration, always remember that moldings and trimwork are not just for the walls. Use your creative flair to find out new spots to apply these ideas. There are scores of ways to apply this architectural beauty into a home’s interior.