How to be a Business Partner with


Basically they are a rental holiday firm, offerings its services in Spain and they aim for the best holiday rentals experience to both tourists and homeowners. Being a rising firm they take care of every detail and share practical perspective of the owners on 24/7 support basis and beside this, pay extra attention to all the needs of their valuable guests.

Rafleys has very flexible and caring approach to value their clients along with keeping their quality service at the top, they are considered by the majority of their customers.

In that regard, it can be said that it is quite impossible to grow without a dedicated, professional and enthusiastic team. To fulfill these standards, they prefer to work with their partners and that joint effort plays a big role in their success.

Beside their personal administration team they have to rely on their partners and service providers. If you have the capabilities and experience in any kind of hospitality jobs, you can join hands with and make your future along with them.

As they stated on their website, “If you share our customer centered drive, do not hesitate to send us your collaboration form.”

Now the big question that rises is how it works and how can someone be the partner with

Well, we’ll try to solve it out in our today’s article.

 How it works

There are many areas in which you can assist such as in cleaning services, gardening, plumbing, pool services, etc. There is another side left in that you can offer your services on tourists management side as the tourists come up with various types of demands like golfing, horse riding, water sports, taxi services, rent a car, medical services, salons, physical fitness, tennis etc. if you have the specialties in any relevant field, you can offer your services at Rafleys and make your future with them.

If you want to be partner, you can join their partner network right now for free.

Work with Rafleys as Homeowner

If you have a property, why should you spend time on discovering thousands of possible ways of marketing out your rental properties, if Rafleys has invested already a lot of years, time, experience and money into finding the best and easiest solutions for you? have a highly qualified marketing team that can help you and guide you step by step on how to monetize your property with them , getting the maximum rent ability out of every property 360 days of the year.

Marketing Solutions on offer at

Rafleys is directly linked to more than 40 rental property portals where they organize your listings, optimize the descriptions, follow up with the performance & offer a full management of your leads.

Beside this, also offer SEO services included in our marketing plan to ensure that your ads get well positioned on Google and other search engines around.

More services can be included such as on ground and off ground management and much more.