Four Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Honesty and persistence are two common qualities that most homeowners look for in a real estate agent. But, a high end real estate agent must possess those qualities and many more to sell an exclusive piece of property. Consider four must-have qualities to look for in a real estate agent who specializes in selling high end real estate.


A successful real estate agent knows that there is no template for selling high end property. Each home and property must be considered on its own qualities and features. A savvy real estate agent will study a property, then come up with ways to highlight its best features to potential buyers. The agent will choose the best approach for each listing.

A Willingness to Try Non-Traditional Selling Techniques

Successful real estate agents working in today’s market make good use of modern selling techniques. Instead of just putting a few photos of a home on the realtor’s website, the agent tells a story about the home using 3-D images, virtual tours, colorful descriptions and more. A talented real estate agent is open to new techniques that may get the sale!

A Special Talent for Communicating with People

Another quality to look for in a real estate agent is the ability to connect with buyers. The agent must be able to persuade potential buyers to seriously consider purchasing a home while not coming across as pushy. The agent must be affable and understanding with every client. Potential buyers must feel like the agent really wants to get them into the perfect home.

Insight into a Buyer’s Mindset

After talking with a potential buyer, a gifted real estate agent has insight into the person’s mindset. What is most important to the person when it comes to choosing a home? This helps the agent to focus on highlighting the features of a home that will appeal to the buyer. An agent who has this sort of insight is able to tailor the way he or she sells to each individual.

Finally, before choosing a real estate agent, make sure the person has a long record of successes. The agent should be more than happy to tell you about the houses he or she has sold. This allows you to become familiar with the agent’s selling approach and methods.