Best Sushi Spots You Need to Go to If You Just Moved to Laval

There are many good reasons why people would want to live in Laval instead of Montreal. After all, this city started as a vacation spot for Montreal residents, and it’s full of parks and outdoor adventures for many weekend tourists. People who are looking for Real Estate & Homes for sale in Laval can find thousands of options, and many neighbourhoods here are ideal for families. You’ll easily find a property that’s more affordable compared to properties in Montreal.

You can find lots of excellent restaurants too, and that’s especially true if you’re a sushi fan. Even those living in Montreal venture to Laval simply to enjoy one of the many superb sushi spots this city has to offer. Just take a look at our top recommendations:

  • Sushi Itamea. The first thing you will notice here is that there are a lot of options in the menu. There has got to be 200 different varieties to choose from, so you can order here and have a fresh and new dining experience each time. Then when you take your first bite, you will be able to taste just how fresh all the ingredients are. You don’t even have to come to the restaurant to enjoy these delicacies—they deliver too!
  • Torii Sushi. They’ve been a favourite for sushi and Japanese food since 2001, but they really took off with the arrival of perfectionist chef Chinh Vu Huy in 2014. They offer many unique takes and flavours that you’ll truly savour—and then you’ll want more. Try the pizza sushi, with smoked salmon, caviar, and red tuna with spicy mayo and a tempura-grilled rice cake!
  • Kazoku Sushi. For many years, patrons have loved this place and it’s easy to see why when you first taste their affordable yet yummy Sushi Combo Lunch. They even deliver for free, or you can simply call and then pick up your order.
  • Fuki Sushi. Yes, they also deliver and they cater for special events too. But you really should try to visit their sushi bar for the full experience. The bar is decorated festively yet it’s still traditionally Japanese in atmosphere. Then the expert chefs will turn the bits of sushi into delicious delicacies right before your very eyes. It’s perfect for first dates, and it will delight newbies to the joys of sushi.
  • Kamani Fusion Asiatique and Sushi. This is a very relaxed place with a varied menu that includes crispy noodles, General Tao, and dishes grilled in the Vietnamese style. But they offer sushi too, and they’re very fresh and memorable.
  • Mikasa Sushi Bar. This is so successful that they have 5 locations in Laval and northern Montreal. The fine cuisine can be found at L’Acadie and Centropolis, while the locations on Boul. Concorde, St. Rose, and Ste-Dorothee focus more on fast service for takeout.

You have to try the new Mikasa Sushi Bar in the Centropolis center in Laval. The environment is elegant and modern with a fine selection of wines to go with your sushi. There are private rooms too, and some are even suitable for conferences complete with Internet connection and projectors.

  • Sushi Do. The name means “the way of the Sushi”, just as Bushido is the way of the warrior. While they do offer authentic Japanese Sushi, they’ve also adapted to the Western palate as well. Their program offers “grab to order” boxes as well made to order, and they can also cater for events too.

It’s good to live in Laval, as there are great neighbourhoods to choose from. What’s more, fresh and mouth-watering sushi is always nearby!