Apartments and Their Types!


In the modern era, the number of housing options is many. Among these options the one which is highly popular is that of Apartments.  People nowadays consider apartments for their long term living, of course the reason behind this fact is the number of potential benefits which these apartments offer. Very few people nowadays really have proper understanding of Apartments. The purpose of this article is to enhance the general public’s knowledge about different dynamics of apartments. In this article we plan to touch upon different types of apartments that are available in the real estate world nowadays. The Apartments have been discussed in the headings below

Convertible Apartments

Convertible Apartments are very common nowadays and they are available in almost every country of the world today. These apartments are spacious and are home to a bedroom and a dining room. The cost of these apartments differs from country to country.  The space of these apartments is big enough to be walled off.

Studio Apartments

Also referred to as the bachelor Apartment, the studio apartment is a new concept which is becoming popular in the market very fast. These apartments usually have a lower price tag as compared to some of their counter parts. The apartment is equipped with all the rooms which actually define a flat. Usually these apartments do not contain any kind of divisions and walls. A kind of creative freedom will be experienced by you in these apartments. These apartments usually have a single room that contains a full bathroom. An alcove for dining or dressing, May also be available in some of the cases.

Alcove Studio Apartments

An alcove basically refers to an area which is spread over 100 square feet and which is situated off of the space of living. An Alcove is also sometimes referred to as a half room. An alcove can also be walled off for the creation of a dining or a sleeping alcove however this all depends upon its location and size. An Alcove is a one room studio that contains an alcove. This alcove can be utilized as an area for sleeping.

Garden Apartments

This refers to a kind of apartment through which you can gain access to your Garden. Sometimes these apartments are also referred to as basement level apartments the reason being that these apartments is very much below the ground. The windows of these apartments are fixed on the higher side of the walls which surely is something unique.

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