A real estate agent

When dealing with a real estate agent, it’s more than understandable if you feel ill at ease. After all, it’s an important meeting that will decide whether or not you’ll own your new home, or whether or not you’ll be able to sell your property.  It’s safe to say we can all think of a time or place where we could have benefitted from an extra dose of charisma. In such situations, it’s prudent to consider your image, and everything that that entails.

First and foremost is hygiene. Hygiene is generally very important. Whether it’s for health reasons or social ones, you want to be clean and kempt from day to day. When it comes to meeting important people, you want to take extra care to be affable as possible. Don’t let your real estate agent, or whoever you need to meet, see your usual disheveled hair, for example. It’s not exactly fair, but your casual appearance may put off the people you interact with, and when it comes to a professional meeting, it’s good to meet the standard.

Likewise, men should be sure to trim or outright shave facial that is typically unruly. That mountain man look might work for you significant other, but many people don’t approve of such a “wild” look. If you wear piercings from day to day, discard them for this meeting and others like it. Tattoos, too, should be hidden from sight if possible. As strange as it may seem, many people still don’t approve of certain style choices, and men with beards and piercings, or really anyone other than a soldier with a tattoo is still taboo.

Your wardrobe will also be a factor in social encounters, so be sure to wear something nice. It’s possible to dress “too” nicely, so formal wear is not always appropriate for these meetings. However, business casual is sure to please. That being said, your standard attire will usually be more than enough, so long as it’s inoffensive, clean, and undamaged. If you don’t have anything that fits the bill, an outlet like True Religion would be a good place to look for an outfit to get you through your meeting. At the end of the day, though, the most important factor is confidence, so don’t worry too much, and just be yourself.