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How Fixed-Point Wireless is Changing the Way We Think about Internet Service

Gone are the days when you have just one or two options for high-speed internet. Just a few years ago, if you didn’t have cable or DSL in your area, you were left with few options for high-speed connectivity. All that has changed with the advent of fixed-point wireless.

The growing wireless infrastructure is making fixed-point wireless a viable broadband option for many consumers today. Businesses and homes can use fixed-point wireless antenna for reliable connection with built-in redundancy. Many people don’t understand the realities of fixed-point delivery and the benefits it can offer to not only those in rural or underserved areas but also those in busy, urban communities.

If you live in the Phoenix area, for example, consider all the areas covered by Phoenix Internet, a provider of fixed-point wireless. You’ll notice that customers all over the metropolitan area, from downtown dwellers to those in smaller communities can rely on fixed-point wireless for their internet needs.

Fixed-point wireless is a great choice for urban areas as well as rural communities. Installing fixed-point systems involves significantly less time and effort, won’t disrupt street or foot traffic to lay fiber, and can be done on a home-by-home basis. It is a great solution for anyone, regardless of geography, looking for internet connectivity that rivals older systems.

FIxed-point wireless installation is fast and easy for most consumers. Installers utilize existing pathways in your home to run ethernet cables, and outdoor antenna are mounted to eaves or by using non-penetrating mounts. No damage is done to walls or surfaces, making it a perfect option for apartment dwellers and anyone looking for easy, fast installation of internet service.

Fixed-point wireless is a reliable choice for internet connectivity. Many in high-demand areas rely on fixed-point systems for reliable coverage, including military and financial trading applications. Due to the lower cost of installing fixed-point versus wired systems, more resources can be allocated to keeping the system running smoothly, ensuring a reliable connection for users.

Customers using fixed-point systems are enjoying speeds comparable to fiber at significant savings. Fixed-point wireless from Phoenix Internet is available at 7, 15, or 25 mbps, speeds previously only available with cable or DSL. Users will have no trouble streaming their favorite entertainment with the latest in fixed-point technology. Gamers will love the speed without the data caps or higher prices.

Selecting fixed-point wireless for your internet needs is a simple choice. Because no utility poles or public lines are needed, service is available anywhere. With many advantages over wired options, fixed-point services are reliable and affordable choices for anyone looking for  secondary internet service or a local broadband provider. Satellite internet is no longer the last option for rural communities, and people everywhere can benefit from the next generation of broadband service.