Window Cleaning – Doing it right!

Window cleaning is one of those jobs that we think is best left to the professionals, particularly if you have hard to reach windows, or are many storeys up!  The frustration of water marks, or hard to budge grime and dirt can put the keenest of cleaners off, but help is at hand.  There are some simple tricks of the trade that can make a window cleaner out of all of us!

  1. Eliminate Streaks

This seems to be a typical problem that everyone faces when they attempt to clean their windows, but with a professional clean, this never seems to be an issue.  So just how do they get a streak free gleam?  It’s mainly down to their equipment.  The use of a squeegee will eliminate all of the runs and streaks which most of us are resigned to.  Purchase a good quality tool, with a smooth, soft rubber edge.  It’s best not to clean windows on a warm sunny day, as the drying time is much quicker, which could result in streaks.

Tip: For an easy cheat, crumpled up newspaper (the black and white kind) used like a cloth can work effectively.  For interior windows, an alcohol based glass cleaner will cut through grease and grime in no time.

  1. Mildew

Those spots of black mould which can appear on your window frames, particularly in damper conditions like bathrooms, can be removed with a little effort and a solution of bleach, detergent and water.  Remember when working with harsh chemicals like bleach to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin.

Tip:  Sponge on the solution and leave for 10 minutes, rinsing off with clean water and a cloth.

  1. Exterior Window ledges

Window sills, ledges and frames are exposed to the same elements, dirt and pollution as the glass.  Clean them at the same time as the glass – there’s no point in doing half a job!

Tip: Apply a coat of clear floor wax to sills and ledges, there’ll be a layer of protection, plus dirt and grime build up will be slower.

  1. Heating and Air Con

Windows can get dirty really quickly, with finger marks and wear and tear.  But another contributing factor could be due to your heating system or air conditioning unit.  The filters in these appliances can trap dirt easily, and then blast it around your home when the system is in use.

Tip: By replacing the filters regularly, the transference of dust and dirt particles will be reduced.

  1. Smoker?

Second hand smoke can make a nasty film on your ceilings, walls and your windows.  Ventilation is a must, but to get rid of any nicotine residue on windows then you may need to invest in a specialist cleaning spray, which are readily available instore or on the internet.

Tip: A homemade solution can be made from adding a cup of ammonia to 10 litres of water.

So what about those taller building, the harder to reach windows, maybe multi storey premises? Perhaps you have a large commercial premises in the city? So many modern buildings are designed by architects with a specific vision in mind – their whole facades are glass!  These really do need professional intervention where cleaning is concerned!  High reach window cleaners can be researched on the internet and will quote you for as many windows as you need cleaning.  Many use the ‘rope access’ method which is basically like abseiling – it takes a lot of specialist equipment, and there are many stringent health and safety measure in place for this type of cleaning, so only fully accredited and seasoned professionals can take it on.