Health and Wellness in Condo Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and was a former capital of the kingdom of Lan Na. This is the reason why this city is full of cultural elements, like Buddhist temples in northern styles, Khan Tok meals or Lanna-style sky lanterns. But the most important thing Chiang Mai can offer is the improvement of health and wellness here. If you have a chance to live in this paradise city or if you are a local person living in a condo in Chiang Mai, you will have the opportunity to improve your overall wellness and life quality due to these advantages of the city.

Cleaner City

Chiang Mai is a big city and clearly less polluted than Bangkok. Even though this province is one of the most popular places for tourists around the globe, the air quality here is fresh most of the time. There are also many green areas including Doi Suthep, Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Dao National Park, Si Lanna National Park and so many more. Apart from the air quality, there are also less water-, noise- and light pollution in here than in Bangkok or any other big city. So, you can still see and feel the beautiful natural environment, clearwater, quiet places, fresh food, etc. A life in a condo for sale in Chiang Mai will be so paradisal that you will feel like having a healthy vacation all the time.

Slower Paced Life

People who live in a big city will know the feeling of rush lives, the suffering of traffic congestion or being in a too crowded society. Those lives are so fast that sometimes people don’t even have time to rest properly or celebrate. But if you buy any condo in Chiang Mai and live a life here, your pace will be as slow as you want, and your mind will also be healthier. You can finally wake up at eight to go to work at nine. You can save such a travel time that you won’t feel tired after driving like you might do in other big cities. So, if you see any condo for sale in Chiang Mai, Thailand, do not hesitate to take a look at that part of a healthier life.

Variety of Living Spaces

There are various kinds of real estates like new condos in Chiang Mai, mountain front Condo Chiang Mai, luxury condo Chiang Mai and many other new and cool condo projects in Chiang Mai. Even properties like single house, village town and townhouse are popular here due to its prices and location in one of the most comfortable and touristy provinces in Thailand. You can choose any price range from 1m baht condominium Chiang Mai for sale to 40m baht single home with pools near Doi Suthep Park.

Having a chance to live here in Chiang Mai is like having a filter from all the stresses you might have if you live in other big or capital cities like in Bangkok. Chiang Mai offers you better traffic conditions, better environment, and you can have a life as slow and quiet as you want.